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Ground screws have been used for many years and have proven their worth across the world. Their popularity, earned for good reasons, continues to grow and present business opportunities for discerning professionals.

Until now, using ground screws required calling the services of professional installers, waiting for their visit and of course paying their bill. While it certainly provides a valuable service, we believe that building professionals will benefit even more by doing it themselves.

Complement your existing foundation methods, give your business an added advantage, protect the site of your customers and improve your bottom line.

Adding ground screw foundations to your current services will generate new revenues for your business.


  • Use on your own projects.
  • Install for others and take on new kinds of jobs.
  • Simplify your projects.
  • Install when you want.
  • Don’t waste time digging holes, disposing of soil, and waiting for concrete curing.
  • Don’t damage the site, protect sensive areas.


Installing ground screws requires skills. Skills that building professionals already have in fact. The learning curve will be very short. With ground screws and installation machines on hand it won’t be long before you start installing in all conditions.

Why not take the step and start reaping the rewards for yourself?

We’ll answer your questions and discuss with you the potential applications. And, if you decide to go forward:

  • We’ll train you (we know it won’t take much, you have the skills), and we’ll accompany your first job if you wish.
  • We’ll provide screws, installation equipment and provide technical support.
  • We’ll come and conduct in-situ load tests if your project needs it: assurance to select the correct screws.
  • We can help with consent and coordinate with structural & geotechnical engineers

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Planning foundations early will save you time and money. Find out if your project will benefit from using ground screws.

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